Orffa rents 1,500m² in ComfortZone Breda!

01 - 01 - 2021

Healthy interest in ComfortZone Breda!

Following the recent transaction with Elacin International, in which approximately 700m² was leased, Orffa International has also committed to this building for the long term by renting 1,500m² of office and additional space.

ComfortZone Breda, located at Minervum 7032, is a real eye-catcher with maximum visibility due to its location along the A27 highway. The property has a distinctive, timeless architecture and offers companies the opportunity to house themselves in an adequate and comfortable manner.

Orffa International is a global marketing and sales specialist in additives and concepts for animal feed products, and will establish its headquarters in this building.

The Lobel & Partners - real estate experts facilitated this transaction on behalf of ComfortZone Offices.