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Promising commercial real estate, our specialty!

Promising properties in strategic locations. We have an excellent eye for it! With enthusiasm, we invest in office, retail, industrial, and logistics real estate. We always focus on improving the property, so that the new user can get the best out of themselves and their business.

Looking for balance
With a focus on sustainable and future-oriented solutions, Investium invests independently and in collaboration with partners in strategic commercial real estate. We are always looking for opportunities to add value to our investments and strive to achieve an optimal balance between financial returns, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. For some locations, we find a new owner, while for others, we manage them under the ComfortZone Offices formula.

Step into your ComfortZone ComfortZone
Offices transforms office properties in promising locations into ready-to-move-in workspaces for happy tenants. Offices with character. Full of atmosphere, comfort, and luxury. We believe that an office is more than just a place to work. A good office brings out the best in you. You become happy, creative, energetic, and productive. We transform specially selected properties into ComfortZone offices with the wow factor. We provide the right atmosphere with a well-thought-out styling and color use. And as landlords, we provide an exceptionally good service. Explore our locations and step into your ComfortZone!

Our expertise
Investing, purchasing, sustainability, and leasing... Whatever the goal, we support our clients in all aspects of this field. We work and colaborate for the best result for all parties involved. You can expect high-quality service, a transparent approach, and answers to all your real estate questions from us.

More information?

Michel Verkijk
(+31) 6 55 70 02 26


Het team van Investium adviseert bij diverse vastgoed vraagstukken voor zowel gebruikers als investeerders in de breedste zin des woord.

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Investium zoekt naar investeringen in bedrijven met (duurzame) oplossingen voor bouw, onderhoud en het beheer van commercieel vastgoed.

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