ComfortZone Offices takes important steps

01 - 03 - 2021

Despite difficult times for the market, ComfortZone Offices has signed several important contracts over the past 10 months. In Eindhoven, for example, over 3300 square meters were leased to OneMed for a period of 8 years. OneMed is a specialist in medical devices and is growing rapidly in the Netherlands and Europe. Between June 1 and October 1, 2020, VB Vastgoedinrichter completely stripped and redesigned the building in Eindhoven.

ComfortZone Breda recently reached an agreement with Elacin for 700 square meters for 10 years. Elacin is a market leader in professional hearing protection and is part of a large international organization. ORFFA, an international player in the animal feed industry, recently signed a contract for 1500 square meters with a duration of 12 years. ComfortZone Breda will also be fully renovated soon by VB Vastgoedinrichter.

In total, over 5500 square meters have been leased with an average duration of 10 years. Tenants who commit to long-term leases despite signals of a shrinking market due to COVID-19 are a positive sign for the market.

These transactions are the result of active brokers, dedication, and involvement of all parties. ComfortZone Offices expressly thanks all partners for these important steps.

In its quest to provide as much comfort as possible, ComfortZone Offices invests heavily in buildings in terms of quality, technology, atmosphere, and sustainability.

Comfort for tenants, landlords, and financiers is the motto.